Sunday, January 26, 2014

More Pussy Riot nonsense, but this time they didn't spare Solzhenitsyn

Sure, we need more tabloid-style reporting to tell us that Pussy Riot is the new Solzhenitsyn and everyone should worship them:

Pussy Riot, the Solzhenitsyns of a new Russia? - The Globe and Mail

No. Just, no.

Please do not insult Solzhenitsyn.

Finally, just to be clear:

Pussy Riot ≠ Solzhenitsyn 

I also had the displeasure of having to address the fact that these idiots had to choose Singapore to make their first public appearance. Fortunately the locals didn't really care about them, and those who did expressed contempt. I don't think anyone was interested in starting another riot so soon after the last one we had, and because, well... we don't think authoritarianism is a bad thing. We do think, however, that religious and political turmoil that Pussy Riot has incited, is. Still, I had to address the issue on The Singapore-Russia Connection page. You can read the statement here: