Wednesday, November 20, 2013

For Tatarstan and President Minnikhanov

These days, the world is so inter-connected, it's becoming smaller, and grief and sorrow finds its way so easily around. The past few nights were the same. Some days I have to shut down all emotion to cope, but I don't want to become such an emotionless person, so sometimes I turn to art and writing to express these feelings.

I've been uninspired to do yet another portrait for my Russian Politician Portraits blog on Tumblr, and I had a few candidates to be the next politician to be featured on my humble art blog, but I couldn't make a selection. I ran out of politicians whom I admired. (Not many at all, to be honest.) And, the number of politicians I don't really mind was too large. So I put off trying to choose somebody. 

Then came the tragic air crash in Kazan. RT did a good article that gave a human face to this tragedy; many of the victims were young parents. Read it here:

There's something about air crashes that are so violent and sudden, and that it often leaves no survivors, that I'm sure it must multiply the grief experience by the victims' loved ones tenfold. 

I thought about Tatarstan, and especially about President Rustam Minnikhanov, whom I saw once when he visited Singapore to speak about his native Tatarstan at the Russian-Singapore Business Forum (and he has come to Singapore a number of times to speak at the RSBF, and just recently in September as well). From that very brief time when he spoke to us, I found him to be a very capable but gracious and humble man, very unlike some of the egomaniacs and megalomaniacs who hold similar government postings. I think the people who had the privilege of working with him would have fond memories of him, and I think this was what prompted our DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam to personally write President Minnikhanov.

It was then it became clear to me who deserved a portrait. 

I didn't know whether my assessment of him several years ago was right, but it was confirmed just a few hours after I completed the portrait at around 3am this morning (I couldn't sleep), a close friend, whom I met at that same Russia-Singapore Business Forum, had just messaged me. He had just returned to Moscow from Grozny, and President Minnikhanov was also on the same flight. Said friend shared the same impression of a simple, humble, 'cute guy'. Is he OK? I asked. No, not really, came the reply. It just made me feel even sadder. This wasn't a man who flies around on a private jet, or pulls crazy 'macho' publicity stunts to further his political agenda. It makes it even more unfair that something so tragic should happen to a good person like him.

His son Irek was on that flight that went down. At first that fact didn't appear in the mainstream media. It wasn't until that was picked up by Twitter (soon enough) that I noticed, when dozens of followers tweeted him their condolences, and he very graciously thanked as many of his followers as he could personally. President Minnikhanov had just experienced the worst kind of loss any father could feel--losing their firstborn son. It's not the natural order of things. Yet, he didn't play the victim--he just put his head down and worked to deal with the crisis that affected not just him, but his entire Republic and beyond. He was mourning not just for his son, but for all the victims of that flight.


Natalie said...

Anya, I was also very sad to hear about President Minnikhanov's son. The president sounds like a very nice man, both from what I've heard and what you said (he thanked me personally on Twitter!) and I think it's so amazing you've heard him speak. :)

That drawing is really amazing. I'm so bad at drawing. I wish I were as talented as you!

rina suci handayani said...

Hi Ann, thank you for this article, its confirming my instinct about Mr. President Rustam Minnikhanov. I saw his picture today as he visited Indonesia. I just knew about Tatarstan by googling it. When I saw his picture, I feel that he is such humble and simple leader, and to know more about him I search in the internet and found your blog. I really surprised of your written about him. I hope here in Indonesia will have a great leader as him also. I also really love your drawing Mr. Rustam Minnikhanov very beautiful. Thanks you, Ann...