Tuesday, August 6, 2013

National Day post: Songs of Singapore by a Canadian, and a Russian

I found out just awhile ago that Singapore's most iconic National Day songs, Stand Up for Singapore, Count On Me Singapore, and We Are Singapore, were in fact written by a Canadian by the name of Hugh Harrison. Read all about it here.

Then, of course, there were some mean people (mostly opposition supporters) who suddenly took a nationalist (read: racist/xenophobic, anti-foreigner) streak and were upset that they weren't written by a Singaporean (just read the youtube comments in the above links and you'll see what I mean!). But they're just pseudo-patriots who just want to spoil the celebratory National Day mood with their lousy attitudes. Their opinions belong to the trash heap, and that's all I have to say about them.

The international community has given Singapore so much, and we should be thankful that we inspire songs, and literally had them singing praises of us. I'm especially touched by another piece of work, Singapore: A Geopolitical Utopia, also composed by a foreigner

Some years ago, my old friend Michael Tay, then-Ambassador to the Russian Federation, commissioned a Russian composer Vladimir Martynov to write Singapore: A Geopolitical Utopia, a complex, refreshing, and exhilarating masterpiece performed in conjunction with the second Russia-Singapore Business Forum in 2006. Here's a detailed review of Singapore: A Geopolitical Utopia. The piece is also available on iTunes.

This, I say to you, friends of Singapore: Thank you for the music.

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