Friday, August 9, 2013

Brian Whitmore: The Audacity Of Navalny

From Whitmore's Power Vertical:

August 08, 2013

There's just no escaping Aleksei Navalny.

Whether one thinks he's Russia's greatest hope, or the most dangerous man in Russia, he is absolutely dominating the conversation right now.

The ruling United Russia party is complaining about his online fundraising, as is Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Television personality Ksenia Sobchak is worried about his aggressive tone, Vladimir Putin still won't utter his name in public, but even he can't avoid talking about Navalny.

And with good reason. How the Navalny story winds up will probably tell us a lot about how this turbulent and important chapter in Russian history that began with the castling of September 2011 -- and whose plot thickened with the rise of the protest movement -- will finally end.

And both friends and foes of the anticorruption blogger-turned-opposition leader know it.

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