Monday, April 8, 2013

The top 20 sexiest Russian politicians from Generation Putin (Part 2)

We now continue contesting the legitimacy of the Top 20 Sexiest Politicians in Russia as drawn up by the Russian magazine "Sex in the City".

Read Part 1 here, if you missed it, where we covered the top 5.

6. Former Emergency Ministries minister and Putin ally Sergey Shoigu, now recently dubbed the "Russian Batman", has come to rescue the Defence Ministry ship from sinking in his predecessor's corruption scandal. Oh, did we mention that he speaks nine languages, and collects samurai swords? If you're badass enough, nobody cares how you look... hmm, really? We're not so sure.
"Rescue you? Yes m'am!"

7. Dmitry Medvedev. Former President, current Prime Minister, forever in Putin's shadow. But if you like them soft and cuddly, this gentle bear cub is all yours. He's so non-threatening that he will win your heart without a fight. After all, he has troves of fan girls lining up to kiss him without him even trying! You'll even forgive him for awkward dance moves.
Cuteness overload!

8. Dmitry Gudkov: this pedigreed opposition politician (son of opposition heavyweight Gennady Gudkov) may not sweep up enough votes against the ruling party, but may very well sweep you off your feet. His political position may be shaky now, but he might save himself by jumping on the anti-corruption bandwagon, and it might just work if he holds his ground.

Who's your daddy now?

9. German Gref. One of the "liberal reformer" economists from Putin's clan from St. Petersburg. Former Economics and Trade Minister. Current Head of Sberbank. Sure looks like a million bucks. We almost could not forgive him for shaving his cute little goatee, but could not forgive him for losing the glasses!
No, no, no, take everything but those glasses off!

10. Pavel Astakhov. If you like them slick, this devilish advocate might be right on the money. Described by The New York Times as "Thin, impeccably dressed and telegenically handsome with perfectly coifed hair that occasionally glints with an unnatural shade of bronze, Mr. Astakhov delivers nearly every statement that he makes with the silver-tongued flair of a courtroom closing argument." We'll leave it as that. He seems to be flinging himself at every controversial case, the latest being the US child adoption ban scandal... but is that sexy? You be the judge of that!

"Trust me. I'm a celebrity lawyer."

Stay tuned for the next instalment. Coming soon, I promise.

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