Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The top 20 sexiest Russian politicians from Generation Putin (Part 3)

We've done the Top 10 in our previous posts, Part 1 and Part 2... so who's left standing? We continue down the list of Top 20 Sexiest Politicians in Russia as drawn up by the Russian magazine "Sex in the City". (Note: this is not a translation of the article; this is just our opinion on their choices of candidates.)

11. Valery Draganov. Duma deputy and United Russia party man. Don't know much else about this guy. Was said to have the nickname "Al Pacino" in Yeltsin's cabinet where he served in the State Customs Committee--not an name normally attributed to integrity. We don't even know what that committee does. We don't even know why he made it to this list.
They called him "Al Pacino".

12. Vladimir Gruzdev. This businessman-turned-politician probably is the only one who will come close to upstaging Vladimir Vladimirovich with his extreme PR stunts--and he probably isn't doing it for PR. He's been in space. He was part of the Arktika 2007 expedition to the North Pole. He too was an ex-intelligence officer. And the former supermarket tycoon is loaded too. Word has it that he went in Donald-Trump style on the Tula government when he first came in, firing people on the spot. Ladies, the governor of the Tula region:

Are you in the Tula government? You're fired!

13. Dmitry Zelenin. You'd secretly hope that he were a history professor with a secretly badass life like Indiana Jones... but well, he's not. Better to leave those archeological finds to Vladimir Vladimirovich. Like Medvedev, he is a geek who broadcasts his life out on Twitter... and this was what caused the demise of his political career when Kremlin officials didn't find his posting a photo of a worm in his salad during a Kremlin dinner all that tasteful. That's also something you do not want him to be doing on your dinner date.
Pointing out that there are earthworms in your Kremlin dinner? Bad move.

14. Eduard Limonov, one of the most radical old-timers in the opposition's flanks. Sexy, but only if you like them gritty, radical, beat-up, left-wing, outdated, and powerless.

Punks don't age gracefully... yet they don't grow up, either.

15. Sergey Lavrov. Other diplomats describe the tall, impressionable envoy as a "rather noble, masculine figure with rugged good looks". Russia couldn't have asked for a better Foreign Minister--a tough, sophisticated negotiator--one who commands authority in and outside of Russia, charismatic, and tactful (a rare quality in Russians, evidently). He has other talents too. "Happiness is..." he quips, "doing a good job and going white-water rafting with friends." He also plays the guitar, and writes poems.

He seems to know what buttons to push.

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