Sunday, March 4, 2012

Judgement Day

As promised, I will deliver the results of my progress on the painting... as of 4th March 2012, it has been completed!

I have to confess, like Russian elections, everything is already pre-determined. I had actually finished the painting weeks ago. I'm just prolonging the apparent painting "progress" to appear that you are actually watching something real. But it is, alas, all a just puppet show. Till the opposition comes up with some real substance and actually agree with each other about something, nothing is going to change.

I bet you, the currently undetermined-price of this painting, that the show will be in for another season.

As for me?

I am just back from a birthday dinner (yes, yes, today! March 4)--a lovely steak restaurant not too far from Brisbane. You see, I am not even in my art studio in Singapore.  The painting is not even with me. I am probably going to be here for a pretty long time.

So farewell, and good luck!