Friday, February 3, 2012

Lies, damned lies, and statistics...

Ok, maybe that's an unfair post title. I actually love looking at the results of VITsOM polls. In fact I got really excited when one of them came knocking at my Moscow apartment, only to find out that they were only polling Russian citizens. Ah well. But yes, they say so much with a buncha numbers.

Guess who's in the first? 

Well, that isn't so important because the headline of this RIA Novosti article declared that Gorbachev (14%) and Yeltsin (17%) are the most unpopular leaders of Russia or all time. Even Stalin was more popular than either of them. (Each earned a respectable 28%)

Which of these leaders will get your vote, if they all ran for President next month?

Well, actually... that's a scary thought.

And oh, forgot to update you guys on the painting. Here it is. More work done on the eyes.

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