Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blinis and ribbons and hearts...

And so.

It has been a busy month, and I don't know if anyone even reads this blog and noticed that the weekly post has been long due...

But the painting progresses. With Vladimir Vladimirovich's face done, I have started working on the details surrounding the centre of the painting. The blue background is done first in acrylic, and now I've smeared some lovely ultramarine blue straight from the tube on it. 

I've been busy because it's.... Pancake Week/Maslinitsa! The Russia Club and Russian restaurant Buyan organized an awesome blini buffet. Rabbit ragout, sturgeon, mushrooms and all... (well, maybe not all, there was no caviar).

That's about it... but next year I hope to go to Russia for a real Maslinitsa celebration like this:

That has got to be the most fun festival int he whole world!

Anyway, a few parties and several blinis later, I finally get to sit down and paint/write. In my dress and all. I actually am not a messy painter at all--what stays on the canvas, stays ont he canvas. What stays on the brush stays on the brush. 

So after the painting session, I decided to check in on the elections, and the first thing I stumbled upon was this video:

Protesters rallying for fair elections formed a human ring on the Garden Ring Road, waving their symbol of the anti-Putin movement: white ribbons. It is quite an incredible sight, a human ring, drivers honking in support, and people waving and distributing white ribbons to everyone.

One could associate white with surrender--or the lack of corruption, as the People's Action Party in Singapore took to their all-white uniforms: 

So, I shall take the anti-corruption stance.

But what about those people holding the red hearts standing behind the white ribbon people? I took a closer look and saw this:

A bunch of mostly young peeps hit the streets with what seemed to be recycled Valentine hearts to have a face-off with the White Ribbons. "Putin loves all!" they declare, as they hand out tri-colour ribbons. 

Classic Red vs. White. Class.

And with that, Pancake Week Ends.

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