Monday, February 13, 2012

Another milestone in Singapore-Russia relations

Some years ago, when The Singapore-Russia Connection was still in its infancy, it was extremely difficult to learn Russian.

Yes, I know it is still difficult to learn Russian as a foreign language--but what I meant was, it was nigh impossible to find a Russian language tutor. Let alone group classes. I had some individual classes for awhile before I left for Russia--my great escape and greatest adventure ever--at the age of 18. I had managed survival Russian, the alphabet and numbers. 

I returned from Russia in 2006, armed with an agenda for a new era of The Singapore-Russia Connection, backed up with a certificate for Basic Level Russian as a Foreign Language. So when I returned, I continued my lessons. Thats' when I met Katya at a language school here.

A few years later, Katya started her own language school, The Russian Language Center, and just opened the new premises last night.

I had a pretty crappy day on the day of the party, which made me miss the opening ceremonies at the earlier part of the party, and it pissed me off. So I was determined to get drunk. And I did. This is something I don't do often. In fact, I think it's only happened a handful of times in recent history. I mean, to decide, consciously, to get drunk.

Apparently I was saying/typing some pretty bizarre stuff. So all the evidence was there. Scribbling on the RLC "wall" of Post-it notes, on my Facebook wall, sending weird messages to anyone who happened to be online.

Well it was fun while it lasted. The thing is, I remember what happened. All of it. I just don't remember how it feels.


Yes, so, that's about all that's happening. Thank goodness I did not try to paint last night. But that's an idea... and I'll have a blank canvas on standby next time I deliberately plan to get drunk. Yup.

More re-working on the eyes. No painting last night. Was too drunk.

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