Sunday, January 29, 2012

What do you do if you puppet says nothing? blame him! Yup, that's what Putin's campaign manager did to his puppet poor President Medvedev by saying that he did not speak up for Putin in his bid for president. The only "wrong" he did was not saying anything.

It's been a busy day for me today, so I won't say that much either. Let's make it brief today so we can both enjoy the rest of our weekend.

Progress slowing down a bit as I've moved on to oils to work on the details on Putin's face. I happen to have much better quality oil paint than I do for acrylics, so it all works out. Oil is also one of the more forgiving mediums--long drying time so longer time to work on the painting, and if you make a mistake, just cover it up.

Moving on to oil paint for details. This will take awhile.

Now I'm actually starting to remember this familiar face...

Back to the campaign and that weird accusation.

Come on, as President, Medvedev can't openly support any party-backed candidate. It will backfire. That's just common sense. And besides, that wouldn't be ethical. Or more importantly, against the law. In fact, there isn't really any need to. We get the Tandem thing. Yes, that means even if Medvedev doesn't say anything, we know he's backing Putin. Yes, we get it. Thank you. Now please leave Medvedev alone.

Interestingly, the head of Putin's campaign had more success in the film industry than in politics. But in puppetry theatre, this might just be the thing he wants. Who knows?

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