Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcome. First, an introduction

First things first.

I am not Russian. I do speak and write passible Russian, but have not come to the point that I can debate fluently about politics in Russian.

I have lived in Moscow from 2003-2006. I am from Singapore. Some of you may know me for my minor but pioneering work in Singapore-Russia relations.

I started following Putin's career since 2000. Huge fan. So much that I wanted to see what it was like to live in Putin's Russia.

So I did, and became part of Putin's so-called rising middle class. Married a Russian guy, but that lasted only up till late 2006. We are still good friends though.

Throughout the years I have drew/painted Putin. Some turned out alright, and I gave them to a Russian diplomat whom I had a crush on. (Well, it was mutual. It's OK.) Currently, I have no idea about the whereabouts of those paintings.

This was my favorite which I did in 2002 or so, but I am no longer in possession of this painting.

But there was one particular piece that kept bugging me. I painted it just before I left for Russia. I was not pleased with how it turned out. It never saw the light of day. It remained in my studio for about a few years, and I left for Moscow.

When I came back, I decided I had to do something about it.

So I painted over it, and started anew.
Nope. After returning home, it was a very difficult time of my life. Thus my paintings sucked. WTH man, it was as if I had forgotten how to paint!

But I still was not satisfied. So I chucked it in a corner for a few years.

It was only recently that I revisited it again, and finally decided I had enough.

So I painted over it. Again.

Layer 3...
Almost gone...

Clean slate. That feels so much better!

My birthday is on the 4 March. On this very day in 2012, Putin will be running for president. Again.

I would be 27 by then.

I have varied views of Putin these days. Maybe my generation--Generation Putin--has come of age.

Just because we grew up with his cult of personality, doesn't mean we didn't have minds of our own.

I intend to blog about my thoughts, as well as my progress on the new painting up till at least 4 March 2012.

I hope you'll like it!

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