Thursday, January 26, 2012

Outlines and Outlook

Note: I accidentally deleted this post--so here is a repost of whatever I can remember...

So, with the twice-recycled canvas, (canvases are not that expensive, just that I was being a cheapskate...) I decided to go with a simple portrait of the man. One that is neutral enough for you to hang in the office; commands enough respect without scaring people off. Maybe one that every adoring Putin fan would love to have... actually, maybe not. I would hate to see my painting with any of the disgusting Putin's Army girls.

Sketched out the outline.
So what is Putin's outline for his 2012 presidential campaign? Did anyone really think he'd let Medvedev run for a second term? The last time Putin ran, he was so worried about voter turnout because the opposition parties were doing everything they can in their power to boycott the vote. See, the only way Putin would not win was to not have enough people show up. The opposition parties were, well, frankly, crappy, and anyone who has a teenzy bit of common sense would not vote for them--unless they are casting a symbolic vote.

I remember the 2004 elections rather well. It was hard not to. Putin's campaigners had plastered all of Moscow with posters, billboards, flags and what-nots to remind people to vote. They even printed reminders on Metro tickets. Maybe they even printed presidential election toilet paper. Who knew? There is usually no toilet paper in public toilets anyway.

Your ordinary Moscow Metro ticket--working for your President.
I don't think Team Putin would have a problem with voter turnout in 2012. In fact, last year's State Duma Elections in December turned out to be quite the opposite (not for good reasons though).

Okay, lets suppose there will be no election fraud this time. What's Putin's outlook then?

Well, he's planning to focus on a pressing issue with the help of some good old Russian nationalism. So I leave you with some reading homework for you today: Putin's national policy. And we will be talking about it tomorrow.

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